About us

Hi! Thanks for checking out A Craft Party! I am a mom to a 7 year old son and we both love to craft. Just like you, I have had my fair share of crafts "that didn't work out" due to incomplete instructions or not having all of the required items in my craft closet. Which then resulted in a super bummed out kid. Sound familiar? 

One day, as I was frustrated about having to order 100 googly eyes to get the 2 that I needed - the idea for A Craft Party came to me. What if you could get a kit with detailed instructions and all of the items you need to complete that craft?And like that A Craft Party was born! We offer individual crafts, supplies to host an in-person or virtual party or even a subscription.  

Our crafts come with extremely detailed instructions (we test them on people who proclaim to not be "crafty") and everything you need to complete the craft. If you need to provide anything, it will be clearly called out in the instructions. Anything you need to provide will be readily available in your home.

We offer an assortment of crafts that appeal to a variety of audiences. Check back often, as we will frequently be adding new options. 

I am looking forward to crafting with you!